Parallel Groove Clamp Cu-Cu JBT Series

Parallel Groove Clamp  for bare neutral messenger and grounding Type: Cu-Cu Copper to Copper

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Designed to connect two parallel bare conductors. Conductors can be aluminum alloy or aluminum steel reinforced for main and copper for tap side.
Connector bodies made of corrosion resistant, high strength aluminum alloy 99.5 with hot forged bimetallic sheet.
Bolts: DIN 933, steel 8.8, dacromet; Nut: DIN934, dacromet, pressed into lower part
Pressure pad: aluminum alloy; Spring washer: DIN127, steel.
Conical washer/Spring washers: Steel, DIN6796 corrosion-protected, dacromet
Stainless steel A2 bolts and nuts available according to order.
Pressure pad ensuring uniform pressure along the clamp.
Cross-grooved clamp channels of universal clamp type improve mechanical pullout strength and electrical contact.

Models JBT-10-70* JBT-10-70A* JBT-16-120A* JBT-50-240A*
Main Line(mm²) 10-70 10-70 16-120 50-240
Service Line (mm²) 10-70 10-70 16-120 50-240
Bolt No. 1 2 2 2
Remarks Cu to Cu  Cu to Cu  Cu to Cu  Cu to Cu 

*Add “SN” mean aluminum tinned